Color when creating a track

It would be nice to select the color of the track when creating it. That would save some time for many of us.

Regards Tomas


Good idea. should be directly in the “create track dialog”, I agree!

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Yep. I agree too.

+1 , good idea

would be quite useful

+1, nice!

+1 :))

I just had another idea on top of this: Would be really great if the new track setup could automatically select the color from the Project Colors Setup based on the name I type in for the track.
Say I have colors in the setup with names like “Vocals, Bass, Keys…”, if I name a new track “Vocals”, it would do a substring search in the project color names and if an entry matches, it would use that color.


Some time ago I downloaded a palette with almost 200 colo(u)rs.
It is possible to give them names, like “alto sax” or “kick drum” etc.
Then I created a huge macro based on 13 instrument groups (with about 160 instruments etc in total), each with its own PLE. That is a lot of work.
With a Key Command I launch the macro and then all tracks are searched for certain keywords and then colourized accordingly.

Possibly even more convenient:
Suppose you want to create an audio track (or whatever) and have defined a Key Command (KC) for it.
You may want to create a macro with the same KC and inside you list the “create audio track” command and then the “Colour all tracks” PLE.
Result: With the same KC that you are used to, you will now create the new track AND that track will get the desired colour.
Caveat: I did not test this.

By the way: you will also get your folder tracks, (sub-)group tracks, stems, VCAs coloured, provided they have the magic code in their names.

PS2: To save space in the track name area, I use short codes, like "kb: " for keyboards or "br2: " for trumpets, etc. But of course you may stick to real names like “Vocals” etc.