Colorcode samples in Browser

Hi! First, I wanna say, that a I love Cubase a lot and to me its almost perfect. When i sit in fron of it I know that I have a reliable and very good DAW in front of me to help me transfer my musical ideas perfect. The stability is NR1, I never had a single crash, and I have C10 since day one. Amazing. I miss one little thing that would be helpful. In the file browser I have my favorites, which is all good. What also would make it even better is if there could be a kind of a system, like coloring tracks, where I can colorcode my samples, for example when I see a kick I like I can make it red, and then those coloured favorites appear in a separate folder. I have plenty of Librarys from various developers and its just sorted by this. This new System would be an amazing addition for the workflow. Because searching sounds that fit is one of the greatest tasks in a proper production I think. Yes, I could order them by myself, but I want to keep it like this, also because when I move the samples now, they won’t be found in older projects and it turns into a mess. Thank you anyway Steinberg