colorcoding the whole mixer channel

I’m liking Cubase 8 so far, but there is some features that have been requested for years and are still not adressed. So lets keep on the good habits. :smiling_imp:

I’d like to be able to colorcode the whole channel in the mixer like with Protools or Reaper. and also like it is possible to do currently in the project window.


ME to

Personally, I find Cubase’s Mixer looks much more professional (unless zoomed in extremes), Pro-tools, with it’s coloured channel strips has begun to look too cartoonish for my taste.

It’s not about the looks, it’s for better identification of the channels. Could be an option like in the project window, doesn’t take anything out of your cubase experience.


I think all DAW’s (except Studio One) look more cartoonish these days. Cubase as well :wink:

I must be old, I guess :slight_smile:

But I am all for colorcoding the whole mixer channel, if… if we can have some way to adjust the brightness/colors, to tone it down.



YES! +1

Yes +10000000000