Colored noteheads


Is something new implemented in 3.5 to easily create colored notheads for boomwhacker parts?

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Welcome to the forum, Johan. No, I’m afraid not. I wrote to the people who own the Boomwhacker trademarks to try to determine whether it would be acceptable for us to use their colour scheme in the software if we acknowledge their trademark, but never received a response. I wouldn’t be comfortable with using either the name or the colour scheme without their permission, so unfortunately we’re at an impasse.

Hello, Actualy I’m not new. For some reason I have used a spam trap account name. Was working without thinking. Hoping for colored notheads in a next update. Kind regards, Johan

There is already an option for colored noteheads under the “Pitched” category in NoteHead Sets.
While the glyphs that make up these noteheads do not conform to the BoomWhacker colors (for reasons clearly stated by Daniel) and while I am not sure how to edit colors of the existing glyphs, it should be possible for you to make use of the editing features provided to set up your own notehead set in any colors you wished.

(If you or a friend has access to Finale, you should be able to use the Notes & Rests option of Document Options, to discover the color settings for the BoomWhacker system so that you can customize your note colors here.)

Hello Derrek,

As far as I know (info from Daniel) it is not possible to create Notehead Sets. (At least not in 3.1)
I had hoped this would be possible in the new update.

Kind regards, Johan

It has been possible to create Notehead Sets since Dorico 2.1.

And there is already a colored notehead set; you would just have to change the colors.

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