Colored Tracks

I would like it if we could color the tracks ala PT. that would be a really nice addition and help with organization

Thank you

That’s allready sorta possible. I’m not at home at my computer, so I can’t tell where in the preferences it’s located.
It only affects the tracks in the project window, not in the mix consoles.

Preferences > Event Display > Tracks >Colorize Track Controls slider.
But I noticed when set to high on bright colors, the white text from the track name is hard to read…

Sorry for the stupid question…
What kind of track are the greens with the “speaker” icon? :blush:

There’s no such a thing as a stupid question. :wink:
Those are the audio outputs from EZ Drummer.

I’m not into multi out VSTi, so I never see a track like this in my projects :smiley: