Coloring a chain of ties

Apologies in advance, if the subject has been already covered (I couldn’t find any relevant thread).

When I select a chain of ties and apply specific color, only the very first notehead gets the color - even not the first tie, let alone the rest of the chain.
Is it known limitation, or I’m missing something?

Igor Borodin

You should be able to get the result you want in Engrave mode, by selecting each notehead and colouring them independently.

Thank you for the tip, Daniel.

That way all tied notes are colored; though the ties themselves are not. But I can live with that.


Any plans to add this feature_e? See attachment.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, but to reiterate what I wrote a year ago: you can colour each note in a tie chain by selecting each notehead in Engrave mode.

Hi Daniel. I think he refers to the tie itself. If I select a tie in Engrave mode and apply a color, it’s the precedent note that gets coloured, not the tie itself.

Actually I meant all tied notes would automatically have the same color. In Dorico they are logically one note. So why not have them all colored the same? I’m not too concerned about the tie itself (similar to the note flags), but maybe others are.

I guess that’s because they are the same note event, but they are different elements regarding engraving (and the color property is an engraving property). That’s why in Engraving mode you can select individual notes, whereas in write mode you can’t.

Understood, but I started coloring in Write mode – where it’d be consistent if it colored all the tied notes the same. Then if you wanted to vary from that, color differently in Engrave.

Sure, eventually I expect that selecting a note in Write mode and changing its colour will change the colour of every notehead in the tie chain, but that’s not how the program works today. You have to select and colour each notehead individually in Engrave mode.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I just found a neat solution for this problem: select your tied note group in Write mode, so the whole tie chain is selected. Then go to Engrave mode, and change color, with the tie chain still selected. Voilà, all of the notes in the tie chain (but not the ties themselves) change color!

(Edit: this only works if all the tied notes are on the same system.)