Coloring articulations in key editor ?

I cannot work with this yet.

  • What is coloured and what not ?

What gets colored are the notes in the main body of the window, in function of the articulation that is active on them (whether direction or attribute). The colors themselves are set, per slot, in the VST Expression Setup window.

Yes, the notes get the articulation color set in the expressionmap editor for a particulair articulation/dynamics
How about this enclosed example ?
Where articulation are setup for Guitar and Bass and Sax
I must do learning to this also like it is done in this example as a exercise, but i don’t get it right now
Cubase 5 VST Expression SOS example project JW v1.cpr (215 KB)

I don’t think I am seeing anything wrong there (bearing in mind that, here, the Key Editor opens with Colors set for Velocity rather than Sound Slot. Once I changed it to Sound Slot, I saw the colors.)

Yes …solved…thanks…the colors set did the trick
Notice that he articulations do have 2 colors in a part ?