Coloring input tracks: not possibile on C12?

Hopefully I’m missing the obvious, LoL.
How can I color input tracks?


You can do this in the Project window.

Hi Martin!

Thanks so much!
I have not filter activated, and I don’t see any input in the project windows (I usually use other the console on other windows).

Is it just on the console on the lower zone that you can assign color to input tracks?

I am arguing about this with Steinberg since a while and I was told it is all fine and logic, but I still disagree. Any input or output you have setup in the I/O setup (F4) which comes by default when you start Cubase and create a new project will show up as a “track” in the project window. Once you add new I/Os they won’t, but only be visible in the mixer. If you then enable global WRITE or WRITE on each input or output channel, the “tracks” are being created and then you can color them in the project view. I see it still as a bug, because Cubase somehow does not recognize any I/Os being created after a project has been opened. Why WRITE let them appear is also an unexplained thing to me.


Enable Automation Read on the Input channel in the MixConsole. This will force to show the Input in the Project window > Inputs/Outputs folder.

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Awesome! Thanks!