Coloring multiple tracks using mouse wheel


Cubase Pro 10.5 has that feature when you select a track and then click (Ctrl + Mouse Wheel) on the Track’s icon, the Track’s color will start changing accordingly.

BUT, It doesn’t matter how many tracks you select, only one track will gonna be changed in each time.

Isn’t cool if we can change the color of multiple tracks in one shoot by using the Mouse Wheel on the Track’s icon !!

Why its important:
lest see this scenario:

  • I have a folder contains 8 tracks.
  • I sat a color for this folder (Blue).
  • Now all the 8 tracks have (Blue) color as the folder.
  • Now for some reason, I need to change the tracks 3,5,7 to different color, but I didn’t decide yet which color I want.
  • Yes, I can select the tracks 3,5,7 and go to “Color Menu” and pick the color from there. BUT
  • The problem is, I have very long list of colors, and I want to try few different colors before I chose. (I don’t want to go and back from “Color Menu” million times :angry: )
  • and Yes, I can put Tracks 3,5,7 inside new folder, But, Instead of putting tracks 3,5,7 inside a new folder and then coloring the folder, Isn’t easier to just select 3,5,7 and then use the Mouse Wheel to change the color,!!! (better than end up with tons of folders in the project :astonished: )

Someone will say:
"Just select (Track 3) only, and use the Mouse Wheel to find your color , then when you find the color, apply it on Tracks 5 and 7 by selecting them and using the Color Menu. :sunglasses: "

The Answer:
The problem with that is, because I have a long list of colors, and many colors on this list are close to each others (shads Colors), it becomes hard to pick the exact color from “Color Menu” which matched with (Track 3) :nerd: .

I think its very useful feature. I hope Steinberg can add this.

Thank you.