Coloring of both event and track in split screen


I want to report on a minor (yet annoying) bug that is there for ages. I’m currently on Cubase 12 (will move to 13 soon). I hope it’s already solved in 13, but since it is there for many releases, I’m not sure that’s the case so here is my reporting…

To ease the description I provided 4 pictures which document what I’m doing.

Picture 1: I’m in the project window - in a split screen (not “upper/lower zone” - the lower zone is disabled). The focus is on the lower part of the screen. There is, however, a track selected on the upper zone. How did I get there? For example, the focus could be on the upper part, I’m selecting the track, and then with my mouse I’m going to the lower part and selecting there a range of a specific lower part - in fact that’s what I’m doing here - see Picture 2:

Picture 2: I selected a range (in a track in the lower part) and doing “bounce selection”. I press replace.

Picture 3: This is the result of the “bounce selection”. I have an “event” (or whatever it’s formally called) in the track in the lower part that is selected, and the upper’s part track is still selected. The focus is still on the lower part of the window.

Picture 4: I colorize the event (in red). As a result, both the event and the track gets a red color.

The bug here is that in that case, the track shouldn’t have been colorized - only the event. At least that’s how Cubase behaves if, for example, it was not a split-screen: I.e., try the same but without a split screen, and even if both a track and an event are selected, only the event is colorized - i.e., there is a “priority” to the events - it makes a lot of sense to give that priority (especially since when I select an event, a selected track is not automatically deselected)

As I wrote, it’s a minor UI bug, but is pretty annoying, at least for me, as it just happens a lot in the way I work (and I need to remember that in that specific constellation I must deselect the track in the upper part). By the way, it happens after “bounce selection”. I’m not sure it happens after other types of edits to the lower event - which makes it even more a “bug”…

Thanks! and see the pictures below.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4


We call this Divided Track List. :wink:

One of the divided part frame is dotted, the other frame is full. The full is the one, where the focus is. All actions are applied to the focus area only.

On picture 4, the focus is still at the bottom track list, therefore all actions are applied to the objects selected in the bottom list.

Hi Martin, thanks for the quick response. I completely agree with you except for the very last conclusion. Have a look at picture 4 again. The selected track on the upper part did also become Red… That’s the bug.

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Unfortunately this is not true for Project Logical Editor actions.
I created a feature request for that purpose to allow PLEs to differentiate between upper and lower track list zones.

mlib - is this related to the reported bug? I believe the above is a bug.

Martin - please see my response above, it does not behave as you wrote - i.e., the upper part is affected as well (look at picture 4 - the selected track on the upper part became red as well)