Coloring Rehearsal Marks, Repeats, Repeat Structures, Segnos

You can change the color of the Rehearsal Marks, Repeats, Segnos,double bars, Repeat Structures etc etc but these will not be displayed with a color when exporting to pdf, printed paper version. On iDevices the use of colors is very handy. Especially for sight reading projects like recording sessions…

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Works here, are you using this?


Yes I do!
My scenario: Go to a Segno Coda or repeat. At the bottom change the color. The dialog will change the color. In the part not. In the print preview not. In the export not.
Screenshot 2024-07-16 at 10.20.47

and here in write mode all the elements have a red color

would be a nice feature to upload a couple of images… But all the repeat elements have a color selected. And in write , engrave and print mode this will not be visible…

From 2018:

When I need color to thinks like “segno” I put it with shift+x then right button insert music text and put the segno and after can give him a color.
workaround but already better than nothing