coloring suggestions

Hello there
I can’t seem to find out how I can color more track at ones.
The new function give similar tracks same color doesn’t do what I want.
Is it possible to select a folder track,color it, and all tracks in that folder get the same color?
Tried ctrl, alt, shift but that didn’t work for me


Why don’t you select all the tracks to be colored by a specific one at once ?

  1. Click on the first track to select it
  2. Shift+click on the last one. This should select all the tracks between the two.
  3. Use ‘Select color’ item in the toolbar to choose the appropriate color. Done !

that’s also possible

I forgot to not select an event, so it didn’t work for me, duh!

try this:

select a bunch of tracks you want colored
Hold CONTROL and select a color from the color picker.
It should color your TRACK LANE + the EVENT for all tracks selected.
works for me man

Not true. It only works using the ‘Select Color’ tool found on the toolbar (enable it if you don’t have it visible). Choosing a color via Ctl+click only works for one track at a time.