Coloring tracks directly from project window not working anymore

I noticed that in C10 we can’t colorize tracks the way we’ve always done in the past - by holding ALT and clicking at color field on the left of the track channel in project window. I know there are ways around but since it has been working for so many years - why is it removed now? Would be great if Steinberg could add this again in an update. It’s just so much quicker than click everytime at far left upper side or by opening “new” color window which is not closing with keyboard shortcut…


Yes, it’s already discussed here. You can change the track color in the Inspector > Track name. Either move mouse over the track color there and use mouse scroll-wheel, or click to the arrow in this area, and select the color.

I miss the older way to change colors too. Was much faster

Exactly. I get that they wanna make things simple, but it was already the quickest way. Now I’m losing precious seconds everytime I wanna color tracks - cause I look for inspector - after a long day at studio I think I’ve lost couple good minutes of my time. I really don’t get how anyone could think the new way is faster.

Option click on project window was great.

Having to expand zones when you don’t use them seems laptop focused.

Cubase 10 = less time making music, more time mousing and clicking

Definitely bring back the old way!

And bring back the option to color the selected tracks using the color of the focused track! That’s a big time saver that I used A LOT.

+1 :confused:


I can’t understand why steinberg came out with so many new changes that slow down production process, aren’t any of them music producers / recording engineers / mixers ?? Or they don’t use cubase as their daw ?

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Would also strongly vote for bringing back ALT + Click on color field to select color. Current way is cumbersome. Another topic seems to be PC users complaining about a similar thing.



+1 for bringing it back!
It is bit funny, in C9.5 Pro it worked the same with Alt, Ctrl and Shift key. So in C10 they decided to remove 3 of them.
Please, Steinberg, bring it back even for one of them!


In CB 10 Alt, Shift and C key opens a floating colour panel, from where the colours of all tracks can be changed individually and simultaneously without closing the colour panel. The colour of a selected part of a track also can be defined from there.

Hello, why was something good changed into something awkward? Please restore the previous state here. Thank you :slight_smile:

What on earth is going on? Why can’t I select multiple tracks and then colorize? Crazy.

Any news on this?