Colorize Event Background?

After a quick look at the C6 trial, the Colorize Event Background Preference setting seems to have disappeared. I prefer it switched off (so the waveform itself is coloured) – C6 has it on by default with no way I can see to turn it off.

Anyone know where it, or an equivalent, is located now? (Can’t find it in the manual).

Or is it to be implemented later, like transparency? Or has it just bitten the dust?

Does everyone really prefer having the colour in the background, and the waveform either white or black?

Yes, it is rather different now, but in fact much more versatile than your “quick look” suggests :wink:.
Preferences>Event Display>Audio>Waveform Brightness offers Black, thru continuously variable intensity of the current track/event color, thru White (the background, admittedly, being the track/event color).The Background and “fill” color of the waveform become white when the event is muted.

Yes, I did have a play around with that control to get the best results, but there are still problems. For example, if your track has a darker colour and the event is selected (so that the background goes very dark), then when you zoom a lot in the waveform is hard to see against the dark background, and in this case the waveform brightness setting makes no difference.

(Okay, I shall just have to unselect the event in such a case. But I still prefer the alternative colouring, although I concede that there were colour combinations with that setup that could be difficult to work with).