Colorize process fails

I am an obsessive colorizer. And for some time it’s been apparent to me that if I open a project and start using the Colorize pallette it will stop working after a while for more than one track. And tracks I have colorized in this period (when it’s working but not properly) may not be saved correctly. I think after 25 plus years of working in Cubase that the color feature is buggy. I can only guess that this is in fact a difficult area of coding.

  1. Select VST instruments; FX Channels or audio tracks in the main arrangement.
  2. Colorize.
  3. After a while, you will not be able to select more than one item in the track listing panel - for instance a VST instrument AND all of it’s outputs - and have it colorize as a group.
  4. Functionality returns after closing and re-opening the project.

I’ve had this experience many times.


Could you make a video screen capture of the issue, please?

Hi Martin, I would waste a great deal of time there. Holistically, they just need to look at the colorization features. How thery differ from window to window. I’ll bet this issue is not unknown to the developers. Say you want to colour a track - or more than one track. How do you do this? Well, that depends. Are you in Mix view or arrangement view? If you highlight a VST instrument and it’s output - what is the result when you try to color it? I can tell you. It’s random. Cubase 10.5 is super stable and works well. Probably these GUI issues are just not high on the list. I’d even prefer they unified all the mixer views over this but still - it needs work.

Han Zimmer has a staff member to organise Cubase for him. How nice. Still, you need one until templates, mix windows etc are sorted. It takes me 30 minutes of work to organise a client session and that is about 20 minutes too long.


Most of the time, I’m using my template, so I don’t do this task anymore.

If I don’t use my template, then I just move the mouse cursor over the track name in the Inspector, hold down Shift and use the scroll-wheel to set the color. Done.

also, seems like after you make changes and save when you reopen…boom some things don’t save. Very frustrating.


Is it reproducible, pekase? Could you be more specific, what is not save, please?

It is reproducible - this is specifically how:

User Interface – Custom Colors Recalling Preferences Presets:

Issue 1:
When custom colors are set, such as for (ALL these settings) Project Area Background, Editor Area background & Ruler Background, then Stored as a Custom Color Preference Preset, (re-call some other preset so you can test the custom color preset function.) then when that Custom Color Preference Preset is re-selected to recall it, the custom colors are correctly instantiated BUT the “status” field reverts to display AUTO when it SHOULD display as USER. The user will not be able to know that the present color is a USER custom color and may think that the saved color was correctly re-instantiated.

Issue 2:
Select a preset by clicking menu: Edit – Preferences… and then clicking to select a Preference Preset from the saved presets. Then click Apply and OK to Close the presets popup – now reopen to view what was just set, by clicking menu “Edit – Preferences… and you will see that no preset is displayed as selected where the preset that the user just selected should be displayed but is not.

Issue 3:
Also Preferences are not restored when projects are reopened after preferences were selected in this project. Every time upon re-opening a project that had selected a preference preset it will always need to have the Preferences Preset re-selected in the saved presets in preferences – and when this happens the preferences settings that were in effect when the project was saved and closed are not in effect when the project is reopened. The user must always re-select their desired Preferences Preset when ever they re-open a project.

OP Issue:
However I was not able to reproduce the colorization issues of the OP. (with 10.5.12)


If I understand you right, all the issues are linked with the Preferences presets, right?

In this video, the song has been open for about 30 minutes. I try to colourize using various methods - the color bucket too. Neither work. Then I show that coloring a single track with the inspector pallete still works. Finally I open and close the project and it works as expected.

The reason I am recoloring songs is that some are from old versions. I don’t use a mega pallette but it’s more than the Cubase standard. If you open a song with a pallette you want to use, you can then change the default pallet to that in Project Colour Options. In my case I have done this; but not changed the default Cubase colors in preferences.

Perhaps this is to do with old vs new templates but it would be interesting to know how many users feel this is a bug. All I know is that the color process is not easy to understand and that it stops working as expected after a while for me.

yes all related to preferences

Give one of these alternate ways a try, a very effective work around.

  1. In the Project window, you MUST deselect all events or parts – just click in the track area where there is no event to deselect all events.
  2. Select ALL the tracks that you want to colorize – hold down the shift while selecting tracks to select multiple tracks
  3. After you have done the 2 steps above - there are at least 2 other ways to then choose your color: 1) On the Cubase menu - Select the “Project” Drop down list and click on “Colorize Selected Tracks”. The "Colorize Selected Tracks” popup opens, this is cool because it stays open so you can colorize several sets of multiple tracks. 2) you can pick the color from the tool bar On the Project window toolbar, select “Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events”. The Colorize pane opens.

That works really well, thanks.