Colorize Selected Tracks TOOL not getting minimised when minimise the cubase

running my project, and want to color the tracks.

1 opened colorize selected tracks tool by my shortcut (Shift+ctrl+C).
2 i did what i want to do, but i want to do it again after some time, so i leave opened it.
3 i want to see something on desktop, i minimised cubase… BOOOOOOOOMMMMm
4 everything got minimised but the Color Tool menu is still there on screen.
this happened after updating to 10.0.20 maintenance update
Please see the attachment.


It’s a floating window, which is not embedded in the Cubase main window (frame). The same result is with the Quantize Panel for example.

Btw, I cannot reproduce this on Windows 10. On Windows 10 even these floating windows are minimised.

The Quantize panel is getting minimised when i minimised cubase main frame. but color tool doesn’t. :nerd: :unamused:
See attachments:




I see the issue on your screenshots but I can’t reproduce it here on Win10 (the Colorize Selected tracks window is minimised too here). I just expected it will be the same for the Quantize Panel, because it seems to be the same floating window.

Is it a big deal for you?

not that big…
but it’s annoying… everytime u’ll hv to closed that too to be there on desktop…
This L’il bug happened after updating to 0.20 . 0.10 was Absolutely fine.