Colorize tools not working on tracks

I am referring to the track column, not the events in the tracks. Colorising events works OK. If I select the Paint bucket and load it with a color, this works in the event window but if one goes to the column with the track names, mute and solo button and ensures they are selected, the paint bucket turns to an arrow and would fill. Alternatively using the color palette sometimes works and sometimes does not. I can confirm this, as I work and highlight a track, I open the color palette and pick on a swatch, it colors the track. The next time, same procedure, it will not. Then it comes back again. It does not matter if I select the via the project drop down, or the toolbar. I have to work by coloring as much as I can until it stops, then wait for next time it functions.

Yes, this is annoying, I think I know what you mean. Make sure that nothing is selected (no event on any track), then select the track header. Then the colorizing of the track column should work.

Thank you. Now I see why it sometimes works and sometimes does not work. Bizarre and very counter intuitive!

This is a BUG! :smiley: