Colorized track headers...Nice

Thank you Steinberg, sometimes the simple things make a big difference. Now do that to the mixer and we’ll be golden :wink:

how did you manage to color the header?
I been looking and trying every click combo but header remains uncolored here ;o

Go to preferences/event display/tracks

nothing happens with the slider at max, hang on trying a restart.

Working fine here.

Worked after a restart, thanks for the assistance!

But it doesn’t work on the mixer … I want the colors on the mixer!

It makes complete sense to me

So we’ve been kicking a fit for 2 years about the background color on the mixer channels, and what do they do … add it to the project window… WHO THE F NEEDS IT ON THERE? The events are colored. It needs to be ON THE MIXER WHERE EVERYTHING IS THE SAME F’N BLURRED TOGETHER MESS NOW.

I tend to agree. It’s much harder to discern between channels on C7 (than it was on C6).

Of particular concern is the output channel. Worked much better with the split mixer screen of C6 (more defined look).

Yep, with the new very tall mixer channels, a little more indication as to which channel is which would be useful.

why don’t you just put the mixer on screen 2 cut up a load of different colour tapes and stick them on the screen to reference the track you want and when you scroll through the mixer just move the tape over so the colours stay on the channel you require …SIMPLE ! :astonished: :unamused:

that’s how I do it :stuck_out_tongue:

have you got a cranking handle to start your pc as well ?

monks with chisel and tablet.



someone has an idea of ​​how to color the stereo out track in the mixconsole ?
it works with the other tracks except with the stereo out.

something as to be done with MC track separation. its to often confusing on which track u are working .
for start there should be better separation even with same color tracks(as now) .and have the option to color all track height as they did to project track in C-7.02