Colorizing noteheads doesn't work

Can anyone else confirm that the noteheads can’t be colorized? Thank you.


It works for me here.

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Working here on PC as well.
Just in case, make sure you have not hidden colors in the score by mistake.

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It’s again that time of the year when I’m simply an empty-headed person.

This was my problem (GIF and screenshot)


Musical notes behave unexpectedly when one of the borders of the MIDI part is exceeded. I need to paint this on my forehead! :art:

I don’t think so.
Firstly we are talking about notes colors only.
Secondly, notes outside the boundaries of MIDI parts are muted, then their colors conform to your preferences settings in Preferences>Scores>Colors for Additional Meanings : “Muted Note”, which seems to be black.

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Before blaming Cubase for different unexpected behaviors (and waste time on the forum), from now on it will always be a good idea (at least for me) to check if the note is located within the boundaries of the MIDI part. Another unexpected behavior is when you select the notes and nudge them down with the down-arrow key.

Very interesting! Good to know.

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