Colorizing tool doesn't work properly

Hi there :slight_smile: !

I’ve detected a bug, perhaps. The colorizing tool to give color to tracks in the arrange window, does nothing when you hit “Ctrl+Click” to try to opening the colour list. This is happening to me in two different computers, so please, check it out.

Kind regards.

Oops, move this to the issues forum please :blush: .


Where exactly do you click, please? To the track list (the color area)? Or in the Inspector to the Track Name tab?

Hi, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use the Ctrl+Click with the “paint pot”, the icon at the Project Window. If you point the mouse over this icon, it shows a balloon tip that says that if you Ctrl+Click this icon, it should open a color list to choose a color from there, but it does nothing.



It was working to me until the time I have read your lines… :smiley: I’m not aware I would do anything different.

Anyway, if you mouse hover over any object (track color, Audio event, etc.), hold down Ctrl and click (with Color Tool selected), you will get this Choose Event Colors window. You can also get it directly by clicking to the Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events, which is on the right side of the Color Tool.

Well, at least it has worked for you for some time :unamused: .

Thanks for the tip about holding Ctrl to colorize things, it works great. I’ve also discovered a “Color palette” that was hidden for some reason, right at the right side of the color tool :mrgreen: . Anyway, I don’t understand why a “Color palette” if we have a color tool. I mean it could be better if color adjustments and color tools lives in the same space, don’t you think?