Colors between app and program do not sync: now with pictures!

Since the mods continue to ignore this thread (well over a year now), I thought I’d start a third thread and include pictures because we have discovered that while the channel colors do not sync, the track colors do. Trying to be more precise here. If any of you mods would like to chime in and let me (or anyone) know if you are even considering this as a bug well…that’d be great. Three shots here; 1 from my phone of both the ipad screen and the computer screen, 1 screenshot of my iPad and 1 screenshot from my computer. As you can see, I’m getting green and dark green channel colors while the programs track colors are clearly orange and purple.


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I’d not spotted that the track overview colours synced: I don’t tend to use that view personally, but it suggests that the data might already be available to the app to enable a fix for the fader view colours. It’s also nice to have some pictures to look at which bumping this back up.

This app is S.H.I.T :angry:
Avid controller is much better, and FREE. Works perfectly with Cubase. :laughing:

Async colors, no sync of hide/show for channels (arrangement works)

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I just purchased the IC Pro app, looked in the forums for answers, and am baffled by its lack of support for years.

+1 for channel colors and sync of show/hide

I just read an interesting post in the forums:

This shows how to use the “Steinberg SKI Remote” using only a web browser, and works without using IC Pro. So essentially IC Pro is mainly a “shell” that displays the web content. I tried it by following the instructions in the referenced post above, using just a web browser, and was able to work remotely with the same look and feel as the IC Pro app, albeit with only half the display at a time. So, in other words, the app isn’t doing anything to generate the colors, etc… It’s the “Steinberg SKI Remote” software on the Cubase computer that needs updating to properly handle colors, sync hide/show, etc. At least now it makes a little more sense why the IC Pro app is so infrequently updated, since it doesn’t really do much.