Colors between app and program do not sync

Hello, since the first post about this has been ignored by Steinberg for well over a year now I thought I’d start a new one. Yay!

Seriously mods, just let us know if this is even something that is being looked into. It will literally take you less than :30 to type a response. Thank you!

I have never noticed this problem.

Are you talking about completely different colours being used on iC Pro?

I’ve tested several projects and the colours DO appear to match between Nuendo-7/ Nuendo-8 and iC Pro on my iPhone-5.

There are slight differences in shade/hue between the two screens, but they are essentially the same colours.

Really? Mine are completely different; where I use orange for VO I get blue, things like that. And I’m not the only one so that’s super weird. What are your iPhone specs? Maybe it’s something in there. I’m using an iPad pro (original) on the next to last iOS software. john

iPhone-5, IOS 12.1.2

Even with earlier IOS versions I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any definite colour differences.

I’m working in it now; SFX tracks in N8 are green, blue in iCPro. Dialog is orange in N8, green in iCPro. I’m getting the exact same results across three different iOS devices, the iPad Pro, iPhone 7 and an older iPad mini. Thanks for chiming in, open to any ideas. I thought I’d uninstall but with it the same across 3 devices it shouldn’t be the install. Are you using the color scheme that came with Nuendo? john

Yes I am. I just use the stock colours.

I’m going to guess it has something to do with altering the stock colors then. I’ll run a test next week on my laptop and see if that changes things. Thanks! john

I’ve now checked this on three different systems, Macbook Pro/MacPro tower and Windows 10 PC tower. Resetting to factory default colors does nothing, the colors are different between the app and Nuendo 8.3.15.

Steinberg, any thoughts on this?

Here are a couple of pix from my system, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

As you can see, the colours match.

Nuendo 8.3.10

here’s the other pic.

cant seem to get both pix on one post!

Do the fader colors match? Apologies, I was referring to that, don’t care if the track colors match as they’re too small to see clearly in a big session IMO. Thank you.

Hi John,

Sorry to have led you down a wrong path.

In N7 the colours at the bottom of channel strips in the MixConsole DO match the colours at the top of the channel strips in icPro.

In N8 the colours at the bottom of the channel strips in the MixConsole DO NOT match the colours at the top of the channel strips in icPro.

So it is a problem in N8.

No worries, sorry I wasn’t totally clear!

C’mon Steinberg, this is a problem!



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