Colors by VST Instrument

In C12 pro, I used to be able to Highlight Mix Console tracks, quick link them, and change all the colors at the same time. In C13, now I can’t do that. It would be a great help to me if I could assign a permanent color to all of my VST Instruments


Is the track color on the list of linked parameters?

Select only the Tracks to color.
Make sure no Parts (MIDI or Audio) are selected.

I can’t replicate that in a Mix Console Window (not lower zone) in Cubase 12.0.70.
In the lower zone I can change the color of multiple selected channels at the same time. No Quick Link required. Same in the Project Window.

I don’t understand, what / where are the link parameters?

The colouring is completely messed up since 13.
And Q-Link doesn’t do what it did before 13. Something changed with the shortcuts and the behaviour.

To set colours for more than one tracks at the same time, we need to use the tracklist at the moment.

Are you sure? AFAIK, if the Mix Console has the focus, that has never been possible (or please give precise steps of how you were achieving this). Just tested in C12 and there’s no way to change the colour of all selected audio channels in the Mixer, if the Mixer has the focus. It might be different for VST instrument channels but I don’t think so. I might be missing something obvious.

That is possible only by using the floating color palette (Shift+Alt+C). But as far as I know this won’t work in the Mixer if the Mixer has the focus (tested in C12 and C13, Windows 10).

No, i used the small arrow at the bottom of a channel and was able to change colors on multiple selected channels in the lower zone. I think this works because selection in the lower zone mixer and the track list are always in sync. You might have to hold shift when clicking the arrow that brings up the list of colors. I can’t remember for sure now.

I wasn’t able to change the color of multiple channels in the windowed mix console by any method I tried.

So did you re-test this in C12? Is this MacOS or Windows? Could you make a short GIF of the behaviour and post it here?

I just re-tested in C12 and the procedure as you describe does not function. The colour of multiple selected channels in the lower zone mixer does not change for all channels when you hold Shift and select the colour using the small arrow at the bottom of the channel. I can only assume that we must have different settings which affect this behaviour. I can’t imagine what those settings might be.

I have only tested in Cubase Pro 12.0.70.
I think I found what the difference might be.
Try Project > Project Colors Setup > Setup and tick “Select Colors by Name”.

color change

MacOS or Windows?

Windows. See my edited post above.

Confirmed. That’s it. Great catch!!

That is very odd behaviour and must be a bug. It will obviously lead to a lot of confusion and surely cannot be the expected behaviour.

Thanks ,that’s what I suspected, can you tell me how to do it using the track list?


Select the tracks, click with pressed STRG key on an empty area on a track header and select the colour in the list.
Or you can use the menu item for colouring instead.
Make sure you don’t have any event or part selected, otherwise the colouring palette will affect the selection.


Ctrl on the English keyboard. :wink:

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Oh yes, thank you Martin.