Colors change in 10.5.10

I really like the fix that the “all black” of the channel names is gone in the mixer, but now all colors have changed in my current projects ??
Also if I want to make a channel-name black again (which I always have on certain channels), I can’t make the color “black” anymore, at its max it is darkgrey. I did try the different colorschemes.
Any help?

I have no answer for you, only that i find the coloring system kind of rude. Certainly if you look at previous version of cubase like 5,6,8, and 10. What i mean is that looks that where in the past, just can’t be recreated somehow, in we are talking colors. I like black i even have a black desktop on windows. But it is just not possible to have full black in cubase 10.5, and yes it was 9 and 10 also. Not even talking about users that whant red or blue or whatever. It is so restricted.

Black is gone, but row again is single - on Windows 10 the name of track again is only one row :frowning:
In 10.5.0 it was two rows as asked by many users.

Oh why oh why they keep on changing this almost every update…

Fix by removal? I just noticed on a quick check yesterday evening that the text under the mixer channels at least stays in position (inside the frame).
But now I also remember that it did not use 2 lines when it was getting smaller… :open_mouth:


Could anyone confirm?

At least I can confirm for one quick check. Not sure if there is an option in the prefs to toggle that!? Will record a video tomorrow if time permits

My custom color scheme disappeared. I don’t think I had it saved, so I guess it’s gone forever. Smh.

That does not matter because your colors would have changed anyhow.
I have a colorscheme from Chris Selim that I really liked, but since the update it has totally changed.
I have saved it as a template, reload it, but still all colors are different…sadly.
Would it be that difficult to make it so that everybody can make up his own colorpallette?..clearly it is.

It’s back to one row again. Steinberg is completely out of control. They are incapable of making changes without breaking at least one existing function. So now we’re back to seeing “Reverb | Reverb | Reverb” instead of “Reverb Drums | Reverb Vox | Reverb Piano”. What a f-ing PITA!

Glad I have not updated since 9.5 and will not spend another dime on any Steinberg product until they demonstrate a scintilla of quality control.