Colors Free crashing

Is anyone else having issues with this? I’ve just started using it this morning, and had a number of script errors (easily generated by clicking on the patch name and then dragging or by trying to rename a custom patch which was generated randomly), and resetting the script and then clicking again on the user interface will lead Cubase to vanish on macOS.

Just wanted to check if anyone else was seeing this? I know that the steinberg page says ‘contact cinematique instruments’ for support, but thought it’s more likely users will be here (or will be able to test this)?

What version of HALion or HALion Sonic are you using?

If you press the random button the sounds stop or there’s no sound in about 3/4’s of them .
In the name field if you scroll via the mouse wheel Colours loosing sound as well . All sounds are really low level to me

I’ve tried it in both Halion and Halion sonic. Both on 7.0.0. Seeing the same behaviour on both Windows and macOS. Cubase 12.0.60.

Hi all!
Cinematique Instruments has been informed. The full version of the instrument seems to work fine (and is good fun).
Keep an eze on the SDA for an update of the vstsound. No promises for ETA. though.
Thanks for your understanding.

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I emailed them this morning, as it’s obviously a nice plugin and one of the failure modes (not described here) allows selection of presets which aren’t present in the free version (although they aren’t functional, there are preset names that are not present in the free version).

I’m clearly on a bug hunting mission this week. :imp:

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It is annoying enough to encounter a bug, we appreciate very much if people take the time to report after such an experience. It makes the product better for everyone. Big thank you to all the bug reporters!

Yes I am having exactly the same problem with the free version. Very disappointing! Hope it gets sorted soon