Colors in Audio part editor

Does anybody know the way to assign colors palette in Audio part editor to key command? The color tool is not exist in Audio part editor for some strange reason.
Or somebody may be knows how to make Process Logical editor work in Audio part editor? It’s grayed out when i open Audio part editor.


1st, select the event you want to edit the color. Then click to the Select Color button, and select the color.

Thanks, but i asked how to assign this to keycommand. I need to do it thousands times when i edit, so there’s should be the way to automate it. The problem is that in Audio part editor there’s no color tool so it’s not possible to create macro with it.


THere is no KeyCommand to apply or select any Color. But you can make your own Project Logical preset (for example to set the color of selected events), and assign the KeyCommand to this PLE.

That what i was trying to do, but for some reason my PLE script doesn’t work in Audio part editor (it works when i exit the editor and apply it to the event). Also PLE is grayed out when i try to open it while in Audio part editor.
Is it working in your Cubase when you are in Audio part editor?

COuld you send a screenshot of your PLE, please?

Here it is


The problem is not in the Coloring, the problem is, the PLE doesn’t perceive the select event in the Audio part. Even if try another result of the PLE, it doesn’t work.

I also tried another options like:

  • Container Type is > Equal > Part
  • Container Type is > Equal > Event

but non of them works in the PLE.

Perhaps you could dissolve the part then colour the objects, then rebuild?


I make comping in audio part editor and that’s about finding best parts from the takes and color them. Coloring objects in a main window means: editing in main window (instead of Audio part editor). Then there’s no point to come back to audio part, the job is already done.
But I really much prefer the Audio part editor because its interface is much cleaner and i don’t have to deal with adjusting zoom etc.

Sorry for bumping a very old thread, but this is exactly what I wish/need to do, and for the exact same reason.

Did you ever find a solution to this?

Has anyone else found a way around this?

It’s very frustrating when you need to quickly color audio clips in the editor but there seems no obvious way to this this with a key command or macro.

in C 9.5 keycommand Alt Shift C solves the problem somehow