Colors in Cubase 8

Just can’t fix this.
Often, when I open a project it has those tracks colored this way
Scrolling up and down gives this
and finally, in order to have my tracks colored by default color, I have to minimize\maximize project window
I use Windows 8.1, and I’m getting this on three different machines. My main machine is CPU i-7 4790 32GB RAM;
I used Radeon video card, removed it, tested another one with higher specs - the same result. I removed that one too. Using CPU integrated graphics, no difference at all.
These are screenshots of my test project, and it’s basically the same thing going on on my machine, on my laptop (sold it recently) and on another PC I use once in a while.
I investigated on a particular plugin which possibly could cause this, but I cannot detect anything that indicates any of “faulty” plugins…
Anyone else having similar behavior of colors ???
Different machines, different video cards, oh, yes, I replaced my display - no go.
I made some new test projects in both Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 8. Cubase 7.5 has solid colors, no problems at all. Cubase 8 brings this enigma, and I’d like to fix this if possible.
Any ideas???

yepp, glitches everywhere with colors, with borders, with texts, cursors, playhead etc. win 8.1 (colors can be solved with clicking on the setup window layout icon twice)

Just installed the update. Didn’t help.