Colors in mixer: what color under channel name?

Hi Folks.

this is NOT a serious problem

Have a strange question.

I know how to color parts, channels, fader caps and so on. However, sometimes, in the mixer, I have different colors at the bottom of the channel.

The so called “channel name” area follows the colors I set, but under that there is a small area with the channel number and the icon of the channel type (audio, midi, instrument, group, aso…) that sometimes has the same color as the “channel name” area, and sometimes it has a different color, and I don’t know how to set/influence this.

Searched the manual, but…

Any hint? Thanks in advance for investing your time in such minor things. :smiley:

Have a nice day.


Found the answer on the net:

The lower box gets a lighter color when a remote control (in my case Mackie MCU) is focussed on those channels.