Colors in tracks and midi edit don't match

Why is it that the colors I select for my midi tracks are not the same as when I view them in the midi data edit view ?

What exactly is the “MIDI data edit view”?

The midi data edit view I’m referring to is technically the “Key Editor”. I have four midi tracks colored violet, blue, green, red. But when I select one or more tracks to view the notes in the Key Editor all the notes shown in the Key Editor view are just varying shades of violet and purple only, e.g. no blue, green or red notes corresponding to their tracks in the track view. In the Key Editor shouldn’t the midi notes be the same color as the track from which they came ?

The colours, just as what they actually show can be user defined in the “event colors” - palette in the toolbar. Refer to the manual.
If you select several parts, it shows the color of that part you have an event selected of.

Many thanks for taking the time Thinkingcap. I just assumed colors in the tracks would match those in the Key Editor, and had no idea you could customize them for different data. Amazing !

Thanks again,

A Newb

you’ re welcome.