Colors Meter doesn't work

Hi, Has someone else problems trying to change the color meters? In my case it doesn’t matter what I chose, it doesn’t change, I’ve tried deleting preferences but it persist, any sugention?

Can you explain what you’re trying to do?
Which meters?

The problem is that if I choose another scale, nothing change.

Where should something change?

Same question.

I want to chose another meter scale, but it doesn’t matter which one I chose, Nuendo doesn’t change, always shows the default +3dB Digital, It’s a bug for me.

Where does it show the +3dB Digital scale? Channel meters? Yes, that’s like it is.
That’s why it is labeled (Channel Meter).
All other scales are for the master meter.

Where do you choose?

You need to change the meter type (scale) in the master meter window as well.


Done!, thanks!, so in Nuendo you can only select the Master bus scale? I remember that in Cubase you also can chose the tracks meter scale.

No, it’s the same in Cubase.

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