Colors Missing

Now i’ve gone from one pc to another the project i’ve loaded has grey tracks.
Shouldn’t the colors for the tracks have gone with the save project ?


The track color should be save with the project. I’m not sure what happens, of you customise your tracks colors, and if you are using more than default 16 colors. Is this your case?

I’m using the basic Aero Windows colors.
Could it be because i’m using the onboard motherboard graphic ?

I was talking about colors in Cubase.

I haven’t touched the colors in Cubase.

Then it should be stored with the project.

Hogging this thread for another color-related question: Is there a way to edit the color palette for tracks? I’d like to add some customised shades instead of the few basic tones offered by the palette.

It’s all right there in the colour picking menu.

Have you got access to the old PC…if so are there only 16 colours on that PC or more?
On the new pc if you open the colour picker are the colours visible or all grey.

Thanks i’ll have to check.
Mwah you can change the palette and customise colors in prefences.

If you mean that some elements are missing colours (for example, your automation curves don’t show up clearly and don’t have a light shade underneath them in their lanes) it’s probably because you’re using the inbuilt graphics. I had this issue on my Windows laptop and had to use the nvidia control panel to tell it to use the gfx card for cubase. After that, my graphical glitches and lack of colour went away.

Thanks. Thats right i’m using inbuilt graphics.