Colour Features


I do a lot of transcription for young violinists using the Colourstrings method. This works by giving each string an assigned colour. In the books we use, they colourise each line by the correct colour. I was wondering if this is a feature that could be added at some point.

Attached is an example of what I mean!

Also, would it be possible to have an option to apply a black outline around the notes? When coloured Yellow for the E string they are quite hard to see!

Thank you!

You can change the color of notes in the properties panel. If you select everything and filter by pitch it could be even reasonably fast.

Alternatively, and I haven’t tried this, you could misuse the notehead set which uses different colors for different pitches, but I think it would only work if the melody stayed within an octave.

I don’t have the time tonight to do the full set, but it should be possible to do a decent job of this using the notehead set editor in Engrave mode. Take a look at the attached project, in which I’ve created a yellow notehead with a black outline by superimposing two noteheads on top of each other, a black one with a slightly smaller yellow one on top. You can’t change the colour of individual glyphs in the notehead editor in the current version, but it will be possible in the next small update when it arrives, so you’ll be able to do this for yourself. (262 KB)

Great! Thank you. I’ll have a fiddle around when the update arrives.

I know it’s probably a niche thing to have each of the stave lines a different colour, but would be cool if it was possible! :slight_smile: