Colour of handles after copying staff spacing

When I change the staff spacing on one page, the handles e.g. turn red. When I copy the changed staff spacing to another page, the handles stay blue on this page. Wouldn’t it make sense, that the handles turn red as well, to indicate, that there are not in their default position any more?

They will be red if they have been modified. Are you sure that the spacing actually copied across? It will only copy if there are the same number of systems with the same number of staves on each system on both the source and destination pages.

If you look at the picture:
The left page ist the source page with some adjustments and the right hand side is the page I’ve copied the staff spacing to. The big blue line of the second system should be red as well for my taste.

Another question concerning “concertina move”, which I used in this example:
I thought, that all staves would adjust proportionally in conertina move, but in my example, alt draging the top staff of the 2nd system just squeezes the 3rd system closer together.
Copy staff spacing.PNG

I will ask Andrew (our staff spacing guru) about the issue with showing the adjustments on the pages you copy staff spacing to – this looks like a bug to me but it’s possible that it is intentional for some subtle reason that is at present lost on me.

If you want all staves to adjust together, make sure you use the handle belonging to the top staff in the system rather than to the system itself, i.e. the handle on the bottom staff line of the top staff in the system, rather than the larger handle on the top line of the top staff.

I’ve checked with Andrew about this and it’s intentional that the system gaps are not copied over: instead, the staves are individually positioned in order to achieve the same spacing. It’s possible that we might change this in future, but it’s certainly not a high priority, as functionally the program already does the correct thing in this situation.