Colour send level/slider the same as effect/group it's being sent to

Instead of having the send levels/sliders a consistent colour (the turquoise), it would be great if they were coloured the same as the effect or group track they are being sent to. Way easier to see and understand rather than having condensed text.

And then just have a different want of displaying prefader/postfader - an outline colour difference or something.

Just setup you’re FX channel and fader color to whatever you want and than copy that color you like. go to the preferences menu select mixconsole fader and choose you’re color and do the same thing for the sends. Not exactly what you want but it keeps thing organized for me.

So I have all my group/busses red with a red fader and my FX channels purple with a purple fader.

I’m talking about colour linking of FX/Group Channels to Send Level Sliders.

If your default FX channel is Green, and you go to Guitar Audio Channel 1, and set it’s Send 1, to FX channel Reverb - you would see Send 1 as green. If you change FX Channel Reverb to purple, now that Send 1 would be purple.