Colour Tool

Just wondering where this mysterious colour tool is, mentioned on p538 of the Cubase Manual - see quote below

“Ifyoupress[Alt]/[Option],theColortoolcursorbe- comes a pipette, which can be used to select the current color of a part/event in order to apply it to another part/ event.”

from the picture there appears to be a clour-fill jug-type icon but I can’t see this anywhere.

Anybody know about this?


Have you tried right clicking on the bar and see if it’s hidden?

Yes - can’t see any listing for Colour Tool there or in setup

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed it !!!

You signature says “Cubase 6.0.3”, but are you in fact now using Cubase 6.5 (or 6.5.1)? The Color tool has been removed, as of Cubase 6.5 (have to do everything you need now from the Color menu… and some of the old functions are gone :frowning: ).

I’ll dig around, you just reminded me of this. One of those “forgettables” that you see in the new features lists.
My guess would be Alt+left clck but it could be that either it’s a 6.5 only feature or maybe not present (or maybe only present) on the Mac.

Ha! Ta Vic.

Ah thanks chaps - sorry for the repeat posting.
Shame the colour fill tool’s gone
Off to update my signature now…