Coloured Lines and Note heads

Hi, one friend of mine is interested to purchase Dorico Pro. She works with very young children and needs Dorico to create her worksheets. She asked me 2 questions I was not able to answer. Would you help me please?

  1. Is there a way to colour five lines in a different colours?
  2. There is a way in Engraving Mode to choose a coloured Note heads. Is there a way to customise these colours? To use a particular colour for a particular pitch?

Thank you very much

  1. There’s no way of colouring staff lines in Dorico, let alone five different colours.
  2. You can’t really automate this. You could Select All and Filter by pitch, this selecting all the Cs (for instance), then colour those one colour, then rinse and repeat for each other pitch.

Thank you, Leo😊 I would never come to the idea my self to colour all the lines, any way people are different and needs are different too. I will write her it is unfortunately not possible…

“people are different and needs are different too.”

Last month I was in Berlin and saw a commercial edition (printed & published) with red, blue, green etc. staff lines and coloured note heads, too.
Music for piano or piano and voice.
Just for the record – the “coloration” has been done in Illustrator.
Therefore, you can start with Dorico, but then you’ll need additional software to complete the task.

Dear Wess,
Completely OT, I just checked your signature, those are beautiful fonts!

Agreed. Looking forward to seeing these in SMuFL!

Sorry for helping to derail the topic, but great to see you here, Wesselin, I’m a big fan of your work!