Colouring issue cb12

it seems every part of cb12 can be allocated a colour . .
except the background ( black ) of a selected wave file in the project window
or can it be changed ??

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Sorry, your cannot change this selection color.

You can change some aspects of the colors. But it’s not free editable.

perhaps in cubase 13 :+1:

I’ve seen that in Nuendo they have a red outline :red_square: for the selected event, but some people don’t like it. So, instead of throwing it away, or locking it in a storage closet, can they give it to me? I promise I’ll take good care of it and not break it.


Since Nuendo 12, you can choose the old Nuendo way of selection and Cubase way of selection.

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Yes, but since ggmanestraki’s marriage, no option for Nuendo exists. :sweat_smile: