Colouring several tracks at once..?

I know, I know, I should check the manual… but any quick help here please…?

I’m sure I’d done this before, but this morning, I can’t find the key combo that does it…

I’ve got 8 tracks of drums, I select them all, I click with CTRL in the ‘colour’ edge-strip of one of the tracks, up pops the colour selector bar, I choose a colour and the result is it only sets that tracks colour I’ve clicked on.

Maybe I’m dreaming, and I’d never done this before.

Oh, and a quick FR - I want the FX tracks to always be purple and the Group tracks to always be green as default; if I want to go and change any of them afterwards, that’s fine… Purple and green, ok, got it…? like it used to be…!!

Any clues anyone…? Thank you.

make sure you have no items selected in your arrange window,then select all your tracks you want coloured the same and use the colour tool in the tool bar at the top,this will colour all your tracks. The ctrl+click method is only for individual tracks/items


Sorry, Green is reserved for Bass and Purple for BV’s :smiley:

I have to respectfully disagree…Bass is Purple, BV’s are light orange… :slight_smile:


Orange should be for drums :laughing:

Ha…! :smiley:

Well, many thanks for that Norbury Brook… :wink:

You can all now return to your colour scheming debate…!! Bloomin’ heck - I’m just thinking, wasn’t it SX3 that started all the FX tracks/Group tracks coloured one colour thing…!? until eveyone started screaming for more choice, then that debacle with the fader caps, which ends up making the mixer look irritating and unsettling to the eye against that ‘harlequin’ of colours on the channel edge strip, its just fugly… (I’m talking FX and Group tracks mainly here).

But, ok - now I have my workaround. Ho-hum.

Oh, and the overlapping items in the arrange window ‘cross-hatch’ thing is fugly too - all washed-out looking; oh, and the locator range visibility against the desire to see grid lines clearly. Its all got very messy…

Alright, alright, grumpy time’s over…



I colour my FX and group tracks the standard colours ie blue and purple to match the fader caps, I find it to be one of the subtlest ways of track differentiation.


Ok, works for me; you are a clever clogs…! Its the littlest of things (in the grand scheme…!), but has made quite a difference; yes, looks good - thank you once again.


(PS - Why oh why, I couldn’t think of even trying that for myself, I’ve no idea…!!!) :laughing:

Genius :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a time in my studio with my monochrome CRT, when I’ve got everything colored in several beautiful grayscales…


Don’t get me started!

As a lad, standing in a queue for a 16kB (yes kilobyte) ram expansion for my ZX81 someone asked the rep if the next Sinclair computer would have a colour display?

His answer… Real computers don’t have colour displays :laughing:

LOL! I paid a massive amount at the time to increase my Atari 1040ST’s RAM from 1 to 2.5 MB - and was the envy of friends with my 20 MB hard drive (about as big as a shoe box with its own AC power chord!). 20 MB; the current Cubase operation manual won’t even fit! :sunglasses:

wow, nice and beautiful!!!
Is this Cubase 7 ???