Colours, Colours, Colours!!

Every audio and MIDI channels has a bright colour and the whole thing looks like a child’s play toy! Why did Cubase do this? I want everything to be grey until I decide to choose a colour for a given channel.

Any one know how to remove the colours?

You have to set “Use default event color” in “Auto Track Color Mode” in File>>Preferences>>Editing>>Project & Mixer.


Thank you for your advice, although the “Use default event color” doesn’t make any difference - I am still left with each channel with colours assigned to it.

The way I work is to colour the arrangement (horizontal colouring), NOT the (vertical) channels. I think it is more important to instantly see where the choruses or verses are. The way I do that is to create an empty MIDI channel and colour sections that relate to where I am in the song (Yellow for verse, Orange for bridge and Red [getting hotter!] for chorus).

I produce about 250 tracks (for paying clients) a year so this is important to me!

The new multicolour thing that Cubase has come up with makes no sense. I keep all my Guitars in a “Guitar Folder” so why would I ever need to colour a channel? It is really annoying that I can’t switch off the colours because they are so confusing to look at. I have always used Cubase but why are their designs always so 1980’s!

What I said earlier was regarding your future projects having the default (gray) track and event color.

If you want to change the color of the existing tracks, just select them and set any color you like with “Color Menu” tool on the toolbar of the project window (you might need to enable its visibility by right clicking the toolbar area and checking this item in the context menu).

To color only events on tracks just select the color you need in the Color Menu tool and use Color tool (the last one in the row of the tool buttons; its icon looks like a bucket) on the events you need colored.

You can set colours as you want. If you dont like these colours (as same as me), you can define your own. Click on the Sleect COlor button, and choose the last one option: Select Color. It will opens Project Color window, where you can make your own colours. You have 16 different colours default. But you can remove some of them, or add diferent. I have around 50 colours, for example. You can increase or reduce color intensity or brihtbess very easy.

Btw: I think, it’s better to divide song on the verse/bridge/chorus, etc., by using Markers. You can jump to the exact Marker very fast. And you can make it coloured too.


What about using an Arranger Track?
You could clearly see each defined section of the song . . . even change them around ifyou liked.

[quote=“el-russo”]What I said earlier was regarding your future projects having the default (gray) track and event color.

Even so, I tried this and it didn’t work. I created a new project and the dreaded colours remain! I am going to try again when I get back to the studio and if the problem persists I will make a screen capture video so you can see my situation! Thank you once again for your help.

Thank you I will try this. I haven’t used markers because I find coloured (empty) MIDI blocks are visually more bold - although I probably don’t know what I am talking about as I haven’t used markers before! I will try them out.

i think a big case of RTFM…


There were complaints when there was no colours and now we have complaints there’s too many.
I’m sure the programmers read these and go straight to the bar. :mrgreen: Sometimes you just can’t win. :laughing:

After a couple of pints they’ll probably start sketching on the un-colour tool!

Yep!!! Get one of these, or many for extended screen-estate!!! :mrgreen:

Yep - I think pinnacle75 is the anti-FreddieH (remember him? I think he’s in Sonar land these days).


I am sure most people love the colours, but sadly I find they constantly take my eye off the important stuff. I don’t mean to moan but you know how it is when you spend hours and hours on something, you want it to be set up to your own preferences. Cubase programmers should have given us the choice to enable (or disable) the multicolour view!

I just can’t remove the colours of the channels themselves (see image)
This is how I want it to be:

Ha! The only trouble is I do want colour to colour my arrangement (but I don’t want colours on my channels)!! In other words like


I think I have fixed the colour issue! In case anyone else is struggling with this I’ll post my findings here. Meantime, thanks for your help guys;

  1. I set “Use default event color” in “Auto Track Color Mode” in File>>Preferences>>Editing>>Project & Mixer.
  2. However, that didn’t work so I created a new grey colour in my palette - Open colour picker and choose “Select Colors”.
  3. Next, make sure you create a new BLANK project, don’t create a template one. Re-open Cubase and that new colour becomes the default.
    40 Now it makes grey (my new colour picker colour) the default.

Phew!! Why Cubase guys made it so hard I’ll never know. Anyway, great program so that is the main thing.

Seems you are making it harder than you need to. First you have preferences for what color things are when they are created. Page 537 of the manual lays that out. Then, to set lots of tracks to the same color, in your case default gray, do the following

This pisses me off, mate. el-russo (and others too) told you exactly how to do it plain and simple, BOTH for current and future projects. “Cubase guys”, makes it so hard? What do you use? No wonder the suggestions didn’t work!

It was NEVER any color issue, only an operator issue.

Sorry for the road rage… I am calmer now. :wink: Enjoy your colors!!! :laughing:

Penguins don’t need colours.
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@Elektrobolt Yes that’s right they did, but it didn’t work. Maybe a bug in my system, who knows? Who cares, sorted now. But you are correct, they told me how it should work.