Colours in Cubase 8 hmmm??

Hi All

Just upgraded to CB 8 fairly painlessly, all working fine, but the appearance didn’t get picked up from my old preferences and I didn’t like the grey thing it defaulted to so I started to change it and now it looks REALLY “revolting” :laughing: :laughing: , I’m busy mixing and don’t want to waste too much time changing it but I can’t even get back to the grey thing now, any ideas,yes I know it’s my fault but…and yes it’s an area of Cubase I never thought was too clever!

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I agree that there’s too much grey -it looks a little dreary on my PC. I loved the way it looked in the intro video, but I don’t want to mess with my computer’s colour balance. This is one of the reasons I like skins; what looks sedate on one computer can look drab on another.

If you go back to where you changed the colours, there’s a default button in each section that lets you revert to the factory options.

i agree. too much gray.

here’s a quick color change I did:

make the “Appearance>Colors>General>Focus Zone Background” a bit darker - (not too much or it’ll get too black)

make the “Appearance>Colors>Project>Project Work Area Color” a bit bluer - (for a nice contrast between the two colors)

focus zone.png
project work area.png