So many issues with the colour palette…

I don’t usually bother with colouring everything but since I started I created a new template so that Bass is Brown, Drums are Red etc and they’re all named in the menu so that I can go through my old tracks and create a logic across everything pretty easily… or so I thought.

I’m just about finished and I go back through the menus and whilst opening the menu I accidentally click on reset everything - its the first option underneath the mouse click and easily done. It takes about 15 minutes sorting all the colours with new palettes etc and after getting nearly to the end it happens again… so why did Steinberg put the “undo all of your hard work” button right under the menu and no undo function? Several times I managed to undo all my work - it took over an hour assigning colours.

The tracks are all coloured and it should be a simple task of assigning everything, but for some reason they come up with random colours and some turn white, which I haven’t even used.

The folders mostly will change colour but for some reason the Group folder won’t change. Every other folder will.

There were more issues that I can’t even remember now, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. Loading the new default always randomly assigns colours before I start assigning them myself. Sometimes I will highlight a whole section and half of the track colours won’t change, whilst the folder and individual tracks inside that folder will.

Bugs Bugs Bugs…