Column index for guitar - feature request

With guitar notes specifically, it would be great if the same note in 2 different voices (stem up and stem down) could default to the same column index. i.e. Overlaid notehead. Especially if the notes are specified on the same string.

This seems fairly universal for guitar music. I only have elements and currently this is the only feature of pro that I would use! (So not worth the upgrade cost!).

Of course, if the notes are specified on different strings they could be separate noteheads as is the current situation.

Thanks for your consideration.


Thanks for your feedback, Viaduct. I know you only have Elements, but I wonder whether swapping the two shown options on the Voices page of Notation Options would give you the results you want? If so, please feel free to send me your project and I’ll change these options for you in Pro and send it back to you.


Yes, perfect. Thank you. I downloaded Pro 3 Trial and fixed it simply with these options.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a time limited pro license like the ‘all application’ one that apparently comes with cubase pro etc. boxed versions on the USB eLicenser.

Having 24h timed use of pro features to tweak things not possible in Elements would be so useful for me. I am really a very light user, needing only one or two players in a project at most, and pretty small scores, so Dorico LE 3 would probably be perfect for my needs 99% of the time. I couldn’t wait for LE since I was too eager to use Dorico so I bought Elements 3 instead! I’d definitely buy another USB eLicenser for a 24h timed Pro use license if it were available and swap the dongle over when I needed it. I really cannot justify the full Pro cost!