Column re-sizing in CD dialog..?

New to WL7…

I’ve made a Basic CD to import my tracks; I’ve converted to a Montage. Now, along with the main Montage waveform window, there’s a separate CD (track-listing) window made. It has the columns for Name, Start/End, ISRC, CD Text, Comment etc…

None of these columns can be re-sized it seems; you know, when you hover the mouse cursor in the heading, over the dividing line between columns. The cursor never changes to a ‘grab-handle’ like icon (or whatever). Oh, and the window definitely has the focus when I’m trying this.

In fact, now that I’m experimenting, the Basic CD window (which is still open on my second monitor), suffers the same condition - no re-sizing of columns allowed…

I have long track title names to contend with - it would be nice to re-size to see a bit more info here, that’s all.

Is this a concern for anyone else…? Is it just me…? Is it ‘just how it is’…?

(WL 7.2.1; PC Vista 32 bit - will update my sig soon…)


The columns are meant to be auto-sized according to their contents. Sometimes, this fails. I guess this is why you are experimenting. The system will be improved in the future (Name and Cd-text columns manually resizable too).

That’s very good news. I never got used to this auto-sizing of columns. Especially when scrolling vertically it is quite annoying to have the columns jump sideways all the time.

Thank you PG for your reply.

Ah well, I look forward to those future updates.

Hello, in Elements Win7-64 it does resize, but I too experienced problems with Vista (gone at last).