Combination Expr Map & Perc Map doesn't work

I made an expression map for cymbals and I have:

  • soft mallets: keyswitch F0
  • hard stick: keyswitch F#0
  • brush: keyswitch G0

I made a percussion map with midi notes for e.g.:

  • loose hit Midi Note C3, playing technique ‘hit (loose)’
  • choked hit Midi Note C#3, playing technique ‘choke’

Everything is correctly assigned in the endpoint window:

The problem is:
If I choose my newly created Expression map AND my newly created Percussion map, and I enter for example as playing techniques:
‘soft mallets’ (keyswitch F0) PLUS ‘hit (loose)’ (midi note C3), it doesn’t work at all.


  • if I choose ‘Standard Expression Map’ within my endpoint configuration, all my newly created Percussion Map assignments work
  • if I leave the Percussion Map empty within the endpoint configuration, all my newly created Expression Map assignments work

I can’t use both simultaniously and I don’t know why.

Maybe a combination ‘keyswitches - midi notes’ is not possible because they both work with keys.
I’m also wondering if it is possible to enter 2 playing techniques for the same note, like: ‘brushes’ & ‘roll’

I don’t believe it’s (yet) possible to combine playing techniques from an expression map with notes in a percussion map. This is something that we are planning to make possible in order to more fully support percussion-heavy libraries like Virtual Drumline, but it’s not yet possible.

ok. Thanx Daniel