Combinator like plugin

Hey guys, I am sure this has been requested in the past, although I couldn’t find it from a quick search.

It would be nice to have a Combinator like plugin built into Cubase, like the one in Reason, where you can insert multiple VST’s and any FX’s with a mini mixer then save that as a preset.

I know there are third party tools available, but I feel something built in Cubase may stand the test of time.

It’s good that we can import tracks from other projects, I sometimes look to recreate a particular sound from multiple layers, time consuming, less so with the 10.5 update since I can import those particular tracks, but it’d be even quicker to have it as a patch.


IMHO what would stand the test of time is a standard to write chain presets (containing multiple instruments, key splits, and an insert chain of effects) that could be loaded in Cubase and also the other DAWs.

While this is not happening was just released and it sounds like a good third party option (that can be loaded in the most common DAWs).