Combine Iconica Sketch with Garritan JABB as Playbacktemplate

I like the sounds of Iconica Sketch and would like to combine the string sounds with Garritan JABB Saxes+Brass to create a Playback Template.
I enter the JABB insstruments, but I cannot enter just Ic.Sk. There is only
Ik Sk. together with HSO or HSSel , which I do not want.
Any idea, if this possible or am I missing something.


What is Ic.Sk?

I think you can create an endpoint for just Iconica Strings and then combine that with your JABB endpoint to create the custom playback template both as manual endpoints.

There’s no separate Endpoint just for “Sketch”: but in the Playback Template Editor, you can use the Instrument and Family Overrides to only include the instruments you want.

Ic. Sk. Short for Iconica Sketch!
Thanks to Janus und benwiggy for the work arounds. I‘ll try both suggestions.
Your help much appreciated.