Combine instruments into kit.

When attempting this, nothing happens. Also I can’t seem to make a new kit from scratch either… I’m obviously missing something… anyone to the rescue? Thanx

I made a kit, loaded in non-pitched percussion and used a 5 line staff, but had to go the layout (in this case for the full score)
and had to choose the 5 line staff for the player to have the kit show up in the score.

To make a new kit from scratch, you can right-click a player and choose ‘Create Empty Kit’, which opens the Edit Percussion Kit dialog directly. You can also click ‘Create Empty Kit’ in the instrument popover that appears when you click + on a player card or when adding a new player.

When you right-click on a player and choose Combine Into Kit, it will only do anything if any of the instruments held by that player can be combined into a kit. You’ll know when it works because, again, the Edit Percussion Kit dialog will open.

When I do the Create Empty Kit I get into ‘Edit Percussion Kit’ but when hitting the + button to add instruments there are no instruments to add, and also the ‘Add existing instrument from player’ does nothing… I’ve tried this on three different machines now (W10, W8.1 and W7) with the same (missing) result :slight_smile:

This is how it should look when you click the + button in the action bar at the bottom of the Edit Percussion Kit dialog:

Confirms something is wrong then… mine is empty

Have you been interfering with the instruments.xml file recently? I know you have certainly interfered with it in the past… I suspect it didn’t get updated because you had edited it. You may need to uninstall and reinstall Dorico to get things working again.

Nope. I did interfere with it, yes, but always replaced it with a virgin copy of the installed default when uttering anything about Dorico. This was in any case only happening on my studio W7 machine. On my W8.1 laptop and W10 surface pro 4 - where the same thing is happening - I never interfered with anything. I can always attempt a full re-install of 1.2 of course.

I did a full re-install of 1.2 and it now appears normal. I’m happy to be guilty as charged, but since it happened on 3 different (and mostly innocent) machines, I fear it may be a glitch in the windows 1.2 update installer rather then operator error. Oh well, thanks for your attention, Daniel.

OK, glad you’re back in business now.

And a very nice business it is too! :slight_smile: