Combine into frames

How to bring p. 2 into the p. 1 frame? Did something change in Dorico 5?

You have a frame break at the start of page 2. Delete it!

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That’s the first thing I tried. Didn’t work. Now I’ve just tried it again and it worked. Hmmm …

One has to be in Write mode to delete almost anything.
If you tried to delete it in Engrave mode (which I confess I have tried to do) nothing will happen.

I was thinking this too lately, but I just tried some things and clarified for myself that of course you can delete breaks in engrave mode – if you’re on the first (graphic editing) tool! (It wouldn’t make any sense that you can create them but can’t delete them, so I knew I was missing something.)

I often want to delete the system breaks that are automatically inserted when I edit the note spacing. Now finally I realize I don’t have to go to write mode, I just need to choose the graphic editing tool.

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Good to know! Thanks for the clarification.