Combine Kits In Groove Agent SE?

Can you combine kits in G/A SE (the one in C6-C7?) I mean, if I have the 808 kit, can I somehow import a snare from the ‘Headbanger’ kit onto an empty pad?

If so, what is the procedure?



No one?

LOL to be honest, I haven’t gotten quite that far :laughing:

You mean you want to add a sound???


just go to the Cubase MediaBay and drag and drop the sound you want onto an instrument pad in Groove Agent. You can add the sound to the existing sample (if you want to layer the sounds) on the pad or exchange the existing with the new sample.

Thanks for replying. However, once I open Mediabay, how do I find samples? They’re not organised according in a manner I can understand. For example, the Groove Agent SE kit I have open is ‘Circuit’. How do I find all the samples in that kit? You can’t search for ‘Circuit’.

Also, I can’t search for the word ‘Hat’.

For example the sample assigned to the Open Hat pad is ‘HalfOpenHiHat.wav’. I assume there is another sample FullOpenHiHat.wav. But I sure can’t find it.

The only way I can figure to do this is open -another- instance of G/A and just go through each kit until I find something I want. Painful.

Any suggestions?

I can’t be the only one who wants to do this.

It’s all in the MediaBay. Just filter the result list only for audio files and search for “hihat half” or “hihathalf” and you will get just the sample you are looking for. I have just looked it up for myself. In the result list there is also a column for “family name”. The circuit kit consists of samples that are tagged with the family name “8 bit Smith Kit”. If you search for this family name you will get all the samples included in the preset.

Thanks for the reply, Matthias.

Frankly, I wish it was -not- ‘all in the Mediabay’. I loathe Mediabay. But that’s another issue. I now understand the procedure and I appreciate your taking the time.

FWIW: I think the manual could be a -lot- clearer in this regard. I still haven’t figured out how to use AudioWarp in Groove Agent SE. Too many features are laid out in the docs but then there is no step-by-step explanation of -how- to do it.


PS: I also want to commend you for showing up here. It’s been a -long- time since I’ve seen SB personnel making an active effort on this forum.

I love the Mediabay - I made an effort to understand it, now in comparison all other media explorers appear pedestrian.

I like mediabay too

took some understanding - but once I was there - I think it’s great

Steinberg really need a whole video course on media bay alone…

There’s no way to address this without going totally O/T and flaming.

But I can certainly agree that Mediabay needs better docs and examples. I for one would prefer WRITTEN examples over videos. HATE, HATE, HATE video tutorials. (Which is another flame war. :smiley: )


No need for a flame war :laughing:

We all have different ways of learning… :bulb:

And I’m no good at reading manuals…

I HATE media bay! Look to Toontrack. That is a good browser.

Hi there
I’m here to solve your problem , we have 2 different approaches.The first is from media bay but the problem is you cannot reach to steinberg Groove agent lib/ so here is my way :

1 - Open Groove agent Name it A
2- Open another Groove agent Name it B and leave it empty
3- Search in A to find your sound from each kits , when you like a sound click on it ( hold mouse left button ) drag it to your preferred pad in Groove agent B and make your collection .

Enjoy :wink: