Combine mono files into stereo (pro tools split stereo files

I wish I could drop 2 mono files on a stereo track. I import a lot of Pro Tools sessions into Cubase and linking 2 tracks together and panning them is annoying.

I wish I could select two mono audio tracks, right click, and combine the tracks into one single stereo track.

+1. I’ve often wished for this. Or an “import split stereo file” option. Also an “expirt split stereo file” option.

@MHoughton -I think
Export -> Audio Mixdown -> Master Output Channel -> Audio Engine Output -> checkbox “split channels” or “L/R Channels”
will export split stereo files. Why would you want to do that?

For export, only really when sharing files with users of PT9 and earlier. For import, there are lots of scenarios where I want interleaved instead of split stereo. Eg prepping batches of files for use in Kontakt, where it’s much more efficient to work that way, and simply panning channels leaves you with a lot of bouncing/rendering to do.

Anyway, the post is kinda redundant now, as since posting this I’ve discovered Suite Spot Studios Cleaver, a donationware utility that can join any two mono files to stereo interleaved, and can split interleaved to dual mono. Windows only but I’ve had it running on OSX Mavericks under Wine, so if you have need of this sort of facility I can recommend it. Pairing AA Translator with Reaper plus SWS extensions also does a fine job.

+1 Drag two mono file to a stereo track

I need this feature badly. Here is why…

+1 Billion on that.

I’m happy to say that I’ve made the switch from ProTools to Cubase. A long time coming but well worth it. This is the only things (so far) that I don’t like about Cubase vs PT. If they change this, I will be very happy. This is something that they can do for sure and I don’t know why they would drag their feet on this. Maybe it’s something for Nuendo only?

+1 yeah… this should be easy to do.

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Yes please +1